There will be a total of 4 sponsors allowed in the competition, each with their logo printed on the competition droppers and engraved on the 3 winners trophies. 
Henry Berrios is the 2020 New York Coffee Fest Latte Art World Champion, winning with a rosetta. In order to honor his accomplishment and partnership with our brand, we are organizing an international BCB competition, where every participant will pour their best BCB rosetta. 
Given that the art itself was invented in the 80s and requires an irrational amount of consumable milk wastage, world renowned latte artists are incredibly rare as they need to make this conscious decision to waste milk at every practice. Even with unlimited access to milk, it takes years of professional athlete-like dedication and discipline to become an expert. 
Here at BCB, we deeply understand what it takes to become a latte art hero and want to compensate them in proportion to their skills, which is why we want to offer our winners truly amazing prizes.
As of now, here are the prizes offered by us: 
We hired a phenomenal metal engraving artist https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004381127219  https://instagram.com/martil.metalengraving?igshid=ac0cov54n51x to engrave 3x 30cm/30cm metal plates for the winners.
Brass for 1st place; aluminum for 2nd place and copper for the 3rd place. 
The copper plate for 3rd place is now finished with the sponsors and winner's name sections left blank. 
Every time Martil (the metal engraving artist) will finish a trophy, every competitor will post a new video similar to the one they have already posted; insuring much more online exposure on Instagram to this event than any other online latte art competitions had in the history of Specialty Coffee. 
The third place copper plate
Our goal is to have 500 competitors from all around the world by the end of August. 
The competition was publicly announced on April 17th, and we will take new submissions until August 30th. 
Here's a list of 80 great latte artists who confirmed their participation in the past week. 
You can click on any of these links and see their participation announcements as a recent post on their respective Instagram accounts. 
Every single competitor was meticulously chosen by Henry Berrios (2020 New
York Coffee Fest Latte art World Champion) or Carl Boudreault (Inventor and CEO of BCB) for their latte art skills; and committed to post on Carl's demand until the end of the competition, December 15th.
https://instagram.com/baristacarl?igshid=vp96gm3y87ve 21.2K Followers 
https://instagram.com/amyzhang.xiaoxiao?igshid=pkidv9xht37y 1592 Followers 
https://instagram.com/isamkasai?igshid=1vw7ntyo3tnxt 161 Followers 
https://instagram.com/s_presso?igshid=1vq93waebp3m 6290 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_xb?igshid=3034c9v2ajr9 482 Followers 
https://instagram.com/dong_un__?igshid=f0d5142mq3cu 4233 Followers 
https://instagram.com/something_coffee_related?igshid=11qg5nj3cc1ml 187 Followers 
https://instagram.com/hjberrios_?igshid=1kfw84w6x6wp8 7849 Followers 
https://instagram.com/dariopieber?igshid=1g5ugdhf7cp9r 10.4K Followers 
https://instagram.com/greg___raymond?igshid=glyevzd2xe18 2684 Followers 
https://instagram.com/takehiro_okudaira?igshid=1u7br3vz7imo7 14.1K Followers 
https://instagram.com/hawkslatteart?igshid=anzmdkloxm8x 1901 Followers 
https://instagram.com/johnp.navarro?igshid=1hn8nwq3c12sv 1204 Followers 
https://instagram.com/milkscribbler?igshid=nnjgsermw9gv 20.8K Followers 
https://instagram.com/milk.elangelo?igshid=ab8xc88tn5ae 2877 Followers 
https://instagram.com/woodentamper?igshid=1v77ytki77t1f 36.5K Followers 
https://instagram.com/guiillo_?igshid=jb5sqz3ja7hf 1329 Followers 
https://instagram.com/whole.lattelove?igshid=htkga4k6494 367 Followers 
https://instagram.com/irvine.kaori?igshid=10kul5x6jgevl 1592 Followers 
https://instagram.com/jsaputrajoe?igshid=9oe5atj67tz7 1031 Followers 
https://instagram.com/fromlatte?igshid=12gvnowa2hpap 20K Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_digger?igshid=1kdj99x2jh1fq 2235 Followers 
https://instagram.com/micro.foam?igshid=17b3kon4i5dqs 1879 Followers 
https://instagram.com/love_latteart?igshid=11xu3kkrn99ao 195 Followers 
https://instagram.com/rogue.barista?igshid=1ec9c38uvsyc9 1735 Followers 
https://instagram.com/h.seongg737?igshid=1cajfq73pxtq1 237 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista._.moon?igshid=1by5umkrpuvoy 269 Followers 
https://instagram.com/two.cups.a.day?igshid=xsba7ol3vu26 3812 Followers 
https://instagram.com/neil_peartafilter?igshid=1fjgtvawy3fgz 1312 Followers 
https://instagram.com/ahmedsa294?igshid=1koy73h02e99j 4562 Followers 
https://instagram.com/thebarixta?igshid=y7ty63qds2dq 3755 Followers 
https://instagram.com/lee_jinjae_?igshid=1mz16gun9mv3s 1644 Followers 
https://instagram.com/_john.ortiz?igshid=n7q6ozqd6so9 271 Followers 
https://instagram.com/jully94d?igshid=107300e04glub 618 Followers 
https://instagram.com/bank.sm?igshid=1hq3w259pacpt 17.5K Followers 
https://instagram.com/thamesplatoon?igshid=qou1tr3l9ecn 2596 Followers 
https://instagram.com/l__a__b__u?igshid=a6p5lazwdy0d 672 Followers 
https://instagram.com/impressocafe?igshid=byvxodo1wskq 356 Followers 
https://instagram.com/2_sang_beom?igshid=1xt8y9beg8xd9 1452 Followers 
https://instagram.com/mr.qqqqqqqqqq?igshid=1ns63o8u43kpu 21.7K Followers 
https://instagram.com/latte_brown_?igshid=1lammnglc1noy 8914 Followers 
https://instagram.com/ik_tte?igshid=s6pr9ukegd8j 1510 Followers 
https://instagram.com/seunghyunjam?igshid=1d92kmoswwxwk 927 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_z.kael?igshid=1snh3saln2ml6 253 Followers 
https://instagram.com/coffee_kyo96?igshid=zpxxyqmz70zo 447 Followers 
https://instagram.com/jiwonxchuchu?igshid=13t9zlejpugzu 595 Followers 
https://instagram.com/ernie.jr_?igshid=1tmoj0v1q1yvt 1350 Followers 
https://instagram.com/ejrr_barista?igshid=1t9hj3m19demp 852 Followers
https://instagram.com/tovevator?igshid=fyw3h6x28eq8 210 Followers
https://instagram.com/baristamermaid?igshid=138waltipv5vd 5880 Followers
https://instagram.com/ralph_macchiato?igshid=cf0ebdl5ujv6 2471 Followers 
https://instagram.com/kwak__j?igshid=1if9wfg8dnraf 1280 Followers 
https://instagram.com/theblazedbarista?igshid=iizjszuxhh20 1191 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_hwi_goong?igshid=8zebk90526a4 484 Followers 
https://instagram.com/teamblacktamper_milchang?igshid=18p7xwe4f59dn 1152 Followers 
https://instagram.com/danytryhi?igshid=x3gyc30niml6 8196 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_taku?igshid=1fz85dmylotsr 1059 Followers 
https://instagram.com/bjd__hxnexl?igshid=zhilecyqjs4a 376 Followers 
https://instagram.com/pitirrebarista?igshid=zheaow6q93xw 983 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_rawgear?igshid=1bd0l8su3dooe 1099 Followers 
https://instagram.com/tylercbryan?igshid=r93cpe3su9e8 1231 Followers 
https://instagram.com/nalor21?igshid=z362e4musb50 755 Followers 
https://instagram.com/elislatteart?igshid=1aqtesiwo977t 138 Followers 
https://instagram.com/joeydnoriega?igshid=7chk3v0wzx7j 607 Followers 
https://instagram.com/juan_gtz1?igshid=4no0xhsh8pcl 622 Followers 
https://instagram.com/ninnixlily?igshid=szremy2n9rpx 7298 Followers 
https://instagram.com/abyss___sting?igshid=112gcotmhpy8b 5526 Followers 
https://instagram.com/s_f_ali?igshid=s4w97s59zlmn 27.4K Followers 
https://instagram.com/jvrge_alejandro?igshid=l1mlwz1b1sc8 887 Followers 
https://instagram.com/latte_eun_barista?igshid=1bnosiyl0loc0 4560 Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista_lucykim?igshid=3l0ch0f26ki 200 Followers 
https://instagram.com/arpuccino?igshid=w5napd7zs6lh 1048 Followers 
https://instagram.com/brian_barista?igshid=teo6arokhsjr 679 Followers 
https://instagram.com/hyunju_8p?igshid=1a1m4b2aqvveb 2493 Followers 
https://instagram.com/coffeeart_by_tamara?igshid=12bpzdp0bqrma 846 Followers 
https://instagram.com/caciquescafe?igshid=ekeebncwr8ch 838 Followers 
https://instagram.com/yuu_yuu_o_?igshid=1gbx3ybsvoeb8 421 Followers 
https://instagram.com/baristajoy.com.kr?igshid=1uyf3823zyuw4 26.6K Followers 
https://instagram.com/barista.renee?igshid=auaohmj549xx 1357 Followers
https://instagram.com/j.anthony_iris?igshid=184tol8y60mxb 997 Followers 
As previously mentioned, all the competitors are meticulously selected by Henry and Carl, for their latte art skills and also have active instagram accounts. 
All competitors will be required to post the competition dropper TWICE during the competition, obviously with all sponsors logos clearly visible. 
The first of these 2 posts will be a 15 seconds instagram Reel showing the competition dropper in an environment the competitor would like to share with the rest of the participants. 
Here's an example of what these REELS could look like : ⬇️
The second post to clearly expose the sponsors logos will be the competitor’s performance.
Every sponsor will choose 7 hashtags that will be used by every competitor in the 2 posts exposing the sponsors logos, as well as in every competition related BCB post. 
The competitors performance will have to be presented as a carrousel, including a video of the pour showing the full process of using BCB, and clearly exposing the sponsors logos printed on the competition dropper; as well as a picture, showing the same Rosetta (poured in the video) next to the sponsors logos clearly visible on the competition dropper. 
All 4 sponsors will have their logo printed in the front of the competition dropper, right below the competition's logo. Last time we had a competition with limited edition droppers was a National competition in South Korea. The competition happened in July 2020, and many amazing latte artists are still posting with this limited edition dropper to this day. 
The Henry Berrios BCB Rosetta Challenge is our first international competition including limited edition droppers branded for the event, and we are expecting this dropper to become a classic and be exposed in social medias for many years to come. 
All 4 sponsors will have their logo engraved on the 3 Winners metal plates (brass for 1st place, aluminum for 2nd place and copper for 3rd place).  The plates will be exposed in social medias over and over by us BCB, and by the winners, for many years to come. 
All 4 sponsors will be tagged by every competitor on their performances posts. 
All 4 sponsors will be tagged in our Instagram account @baristacarlsblend in every competition related posts and stories. 
All 4 sponsors will be the first to be offered to sponsor the next event. 
We will only allow 4 sponsors. 
    In order to make this competition as rewarding as possible for the competitors; and to encourage every company who is interested in sponsoring this event, to be as generous as the winners of this competition will be talented, we established 5 different categories of sponsors, allowing the wealthiest to reserve their spots first.  
    (available now) :
    $6000USD or
    $2000USD + $4000USD in gift value (the gifts must be approved by Carl) 
    (available starting in May) : 
    $5000USD or
    $2000USD + $3000USD in gift value (the gifts must be approved by Carl)
    (available starting in June) :
    $4000USD or
    $2000USD + $2000USD in gift value (the gifts must be approved by Carl)
    (available starting in July) :
    $3000USD or
    $2000USD + $1000USD in gift value (the gifts must be approved by Carl) 
    (available starting in August) 
    The sponsors categories and the details of their contributions will be publicly announced as soon as we have all 4 sponsors. 
    As previously mentioned, the 4 sponsors of this competition will be the first to be offered to sponsor our next event. If you own or represent a company and you wish to sponsor this event, please send Carl an email at hello@baristacarlsblend.com
    If there are any other companies that you like, and who might be interested in sponsoring this event, please help us informing them that this is happening. 
    We are sincerely looking forward to building a strong business relationship with you in the future.